About Me

Good morning.  My name is Antara Mustapha Alfonso.  Originally, I am an Electronics Engineer by profession but now, I am a full time Network Marketer of DXN International Private Ltd.  And here is how I got into this exciting profession.

I was a fresh engineer then when i was introduced to Network Marketing or also known as MLM business. I was looking for an opportunity.  I was desperate to find my vehicle towards achieving my dreams.

I was with my friend in a dunkin donut outlet in Iligan City when we met our former colleague during college days.  He was wearing a formal attire with a gold kneck lace and bracelets.  He looked so successful.  We invited him to join us in our table but he said he is waiting for somebody for a business meeting.

Blessing in disguise that the person didn’t arrive

Few minutes later, the person he was supposed to meet didn’t arrive.  We invited him again to join us in our table to have a friendly talk.  I asked him, “What do you do?  What is your job?”  He said, “I am on a business.”  I asked him if I could join him and be my partner.  He said, “you will not be interested on it.”  I insisted.  And he explained the business to us in a tissue paper.

The beginning of my MLM career

After the presentation, we were amazed with the potential income presented to us.  One side of my brain says, “it is a scam.”  But the other side says, “this might be the opportunity you are looking for.”  The income opportunity offered by network marketing business really amazed us that we could not sleep on the night after we saw the opportunity.  It was 3:00 o’clock in the morning when my friend (we are boardmates) noticed that I am still fully awake.  He asked me, “what do you think of the opportunity we’ve seen?”  I said, “I am doubtful but tomorrow we will meet him again and let us learn the business further.”

The following day we set meeting with the friend who introduced the business.  I personally asked him to give me every sources as he can and I will study it.  And that was the start of my learning about the MLM business.  I made my own research on the internet.  I borrowed his books and I continue to learn and learn.

I did not succeed on my first and second MLM companies but that was because I have no sufficient knowledge then of what are the criteria for a long lasting MLM business.

I come back home to Cotabato and I was invited to DXN company

When I came home to Cotabato City in late 2015, my younger sister invited me to join DXN.  At first, I was hesitant.  I had a commitment with my colleagues in my second company.  But everything has changed when I attended a business presentation conducted by Mr. Antonio “Jony” Santos.  Mr. Santos is a successful businessman in Cotabato City.  He owns businesses and establishments in town.  It made me curious.  “Why would a successful man like him do DXN if there is no potential in this business,” I told myself.  I’ve opened my mind and tried to understand the DXN system.  My journey with DXN has started from there.

When I work, I work hard

When I’ve understood the DXN business system, I started to work and I worked hard.  I set my goals and I drew my strategies.  During the first year of my DXN business, I focused on building my team.  I organized a core group wherein I focused on developing the members.  I trained them.  I made them understand what is this business all about.  I helped them understand why they should do this business.  Our first year was amazing.

On first quarter of my second year in the business, I was promoted to Star Diamond position and my income grows faster.  I started to qualify in the free travels given by DXN as incentive for the performers.

From L-R: Me, Crown Ambassador Stax Savellano, Senior Crown Diamond Eric Dumlao, Senior Star Diamond Hamid Balimbingan

Now, I am more than a decade in this business.  Why am I doing this?  Because this is for my family.  This is for my future.  I am building a business that would last not only during my time but a business that could be inherited by my children.

My tip is, if you want to do MLM business, think long term.  This is a long term business.  This can secure your family.  DXN is a very stable company and the system has been tested for so long a time.

This is why I am inviting my friends and relatives to a build a long lasting MLM business with us.  With DXN we can live a HEALTHY, WEALTHY and HAPPY LIFE.

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