Success story of Crown Ambassador Fatemi Ghani

Crown Ambassador Fatemi Ghani is an international speaker, trainer and motivator of DXN International.  He conducts seminars, trainings and workshops on direct selling business, wellness and personal development all around the world.  He has coached more than 20,000 individuals worldwide and helped many DXN distributors become successful leaders.

He is an Aerospace Engineer by profession and has trained hundreds of pilots in different countries.  He is now training people to pilot their own business.  Fatemi had been in a JOB (just obey boss) for 28 years and started doing the DXN business full time since 2007.  Through MLM, he found his real success and personal freedom.  “The DXN Wellness Mission” features his success tips.

Fatemi Ghani believes in “CHANGE” and “PROFESSIONALISM.”  He incorporated this change by moving from an engineering profession to becoming an international business coach.  This transformation was only possible through proper education which he received from the Networking Times and MLM Universities in USA.

Fatemi Ghani has reached the highest status in DXN just recently.  He is now a Crown Ambassador of DXN International.

Watch his success story and be inspired.

He is one of my model in doing my DXN business now.  I had a chance to talk to him during his visit here in Cotabato City.



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