A Chance of a New life (Ovarian Cancer Survivor)

Inspiring stories of our partners in health who rediscovered wellness brought about by them using DXN products.  A story of an ovarian cancer survivor.

Emma Siobal, 45, considers herself lucky despite being stricken with then a very mysterious disease.  Despite her trials and tribulations, the clever disguise of her ailment lead her to believe the many benefits of DXN products on health and more importantly to trust back in God.

In 2007, Ms. Siobal went to Saipan for work.  She admits to occasionally go out with friends, simply having a good time after a hard day’s work.  But after taking an unfamiliar local drink, she felt an excruciating pain down her stomach.  “The pain was unbearable,” Ms. Siobal says.  It wasn’t that long until she noticed a progressive growth in her abdomen.  She dismissed it as having been hexed by a vengeful coworker who’s envious of her.

A trip to the doctor in Saipan ruled she had a massive build-up of ascites, an excess amount of fluid in the peritoneal cavity.  Although heartbreaking, she was told she’s suffering from ovarian cancer and immediately endorsed for an operation.  She’s advised to get treated in Manila right away.  Confused, Ms. Siobal went back home with more questions than answers she could take.  She also turned to alternative medicine in hopes of getting better the natural way.

Ms. Siobal was introduced to DXN and its promise of wellness through supplementation in November 2007.  Star Diamond Jocelyn Alapre, together with Executive Star Diamond Carmen Natividad, who’s breast cancer survivor herself, urged her to welcome this wonderful opportunity to get better.  Ms. Siobal realized DXN’s incredible effect on her when she can withstand the pain of undergoing operation and chemotherapy to eliminate her tumor.  She also said that taking her prescribed medication with substantial amounts of RG and GL, Spirulina, Cocozhi, and Roselle Candy daily, helped her get through with recovery faster.

Since she started using DXN health products, Ms. Siobal has regained her optimal strength and outlook.  This enabled her to appreciate the great outdoors, the commitment of her family and friends, and life in general.  It also guided her to reestablish a relationship with God.  “He gives you challenges to let you know that He loves you,” Ms. Siobal says.  Ultimately, the path of her recovery did not include her physical being but also paved for revitalizing her spirituality.

These days, she spends much of her time in sharing her remarkable story to others.  Her renewed well being is what keeps her motivated to impart good living with DXN.  “It’s true what they say that life begins at 40,” Ms. Siobal says.  “I have a chance of a new life.”

(Originally published in DXN Good Morning Magazine)

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