Tamboong’s Painful Bout Against Diabetes

The doctor’s declaration was shocking: SPO4 Jose Tamboong will undergo an amputation procedure.

The arteries of his right leg have become narrowed and finally blocked due to hardening of the arteries. The affected area had swollen and decayed.  A brown-red or bloody discharge oozed from the affected tissues.  Pus drained from the wound and a foul-smelling odor released from the wound.  This condition is called gangrene – a serious and often life-threatening ailment where the body’s tissue begins to decay as a result of an interruption in the blood supply.  It developed due to DIABETES.


Diabetes is one of the most dreaded diseases affecting millions of people throughout the world.  Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is the name given to disorders in which the body has trouble regulating its blood glucose, or blood sugar, levels.  Diabetes is also medically termed as metabolism disorder.  Metabolism refers to the way our bodies expend digested food for energy and growth.  By using bile and enzymes, our digestive system breaks down the food that we ate into glucose.  – a form of sugar in the blood.  Our cells use the glucose as a primary source of energy.

The glucose is then distributed to every cells of our body via blood stream.  To enter our cells, glucose is aided by insulin – a hormone produced by the pancreas.  However, if the pancreas can not produce an adequate amount of insulin or if the weakened cells lose the ability to absorb energy, glucose level will rise.  When glucose levels in the bloodstream are not properly regulated, one can develop a serious condition, such as diabetes.

There are two types of diabetes.  Type 1 diabetes begins early in life in which the immune system damages the pancreas – a gland situated near the stomach that secretes a digestive fluid into the intestine and also secretes insulin.

Meanwhile, Type 2 diabetes is caused by excessive consumption of refined carbohydrate or sugar over a long period of time leading to chronic hyperinsulenemia – an endocrine disorder characterized by a failure of our Blood Sugar Control System (BSCS) to work properly.  This proves that it is necessary to regulate one’s sugar level even if he has not yet developed diabetes .


Diabetes is nasty and a complicated disease.  Swellings will occur due to poor circulation in the extremities.  Infections will take place because of high sugar in the blood.  Veins get clogged or damaged, which will result to blindness, heart and kidney problems.  Other organs will also be affected.  Poor circulation leads to blood’s inability to cleanse cells, resulting to gangrene – an infection that will not heal.


“Immediate treatment is necessary because of the threat of spreading infection through the bloodstream and damaging vital organs.  A serious infection can cause extensive tissue damage and can be life-threatening.  Amputation offered the best solution in order to prevent further deterioration and to save your life,” affirmed by the doctor.

Mr. Tamboong was stunned by the doctor’s declaration.  He was scared beyond measure.  He certainly didn’t look forward to losing part of his leg.  Having a foot or leg amputated is traumatic and would mean a major body-image change.  But he didn’t want to succumb to an agonizing death of infection either.  “This should not happen,” he lamented.  “There must be a solution to this!”


Since diabetes could be precipitated by so many factors (as mentioned above), doctors find it too difficult to pinpoint the real cause of the problem.  It could be bile problem, enzyme deficiency, pancreas or liver problems, weakened cells, poor blood circulation, etc.

“Proper nutrition and regular exercise can play a vital role in reversing your condition,” Judy Pausal, Tamboong’s upline explained.  Upline is a term used in multilevel marketing (MLM) to describe someone who is above a person or a distributor in the organization.  Upon the advice of his upline Judy, Mr. Tamboong started his RG/GL, Spirulina and Cordyceps supplementation, together with the medicines prescribed by his doctor.  Tamboong’s wife regularly cleaned his wound with lukewarm water.  Andro-G then was poured on the wound in order to fight infection.  He also did some exercises to stimulate his leg.

Within 2 months, Mr. Tamboong showed remarkable improvements.  He felt lesser pains and his wound is getting dryer.  Tamboong’s wife continued in giving him proper care.  Shortly thereafter, he could move and walk around with ease.

And so with his days of seemingly endless suffering now all gone, Mr. Tamboong, now a retired policeman, helps his wife with her networking business.  “I never lost faith in God.  I knew DXN is his way of helping me recover,” Tamboong said, radiating the happiness that he feels.


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(The above article is copied from DXN Philippines Good Morning Magazine (Volume XII No. 1 January to April 2012 ).  The article is authored by Mr. Rustum “Jojo” B. Alcuezar)

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